3 Crucial Elements to Get Your Site to Dominate the Pages of Google…

One Size Does Not Fit All…

You want your site to appear in top generic pages (top search results) when folks search for your type of business in order to get good traffic. In addition you also want your terms to EXACTLY match what folks are searching for – namely what you’re selling. Finding good keywords is like “panning for gold”. There are literally thousands of keywords/search terms that appear great but are technically useless and there are also keywords that may appear worthless but are actually great. In panning for gold, it’s good to have these 3 powerful filters to tighten up the results. If a keyword makes it through all 3 factors, then you have a winner! Normally only a handful of keywords will qualify under all 3 filters out of a list of thousands.

These are the following 3 crucial criteria you’ll need when selecting terms for your campaign to ensure increased sales:

#1 Select Keywords that Have “High Relevance” to Your Niche…

Choosing terms that match your ideal buyer when they search is what you need. Powerful research software can scan, sift and sort through thousands of keywords and find the ones best suited in for your product and/or services. The keywords you select in this first step will help you more easily attract the right people and make more sales. This step is the most important of all 3 because you’re setting the foundation for the other 2 steps. It’s good to spend some extra time on this step to make sure you’ve selected a solid base to build a tower.

#2 Select Keywords that Have Reasonable “Competition”…

Competition isn’t a bad thing, but too much is. Analyzing terms for competition is where most folks drop the ball. They simply find a term that’s generating good traffic, then pop it into their campaign without looking at the level of competing sites. It is absolutely critical that this metric be checked out before putting any search term in the “approved” basket. Neglecting this step can prove to be a real disaster for your results.

#3 Select Terms that are High in “Commerciality”…

Google adwords is a platform folks can use to start appearing in the “ad” section in google search results within 10 minutes of opening an account with google. The ads that appear above, beside, and underneath natural search results are google adwords ads. Folks can choose to trigger their adwords ad using the terms they select and will pay for each click! Discovering how much folks are paying per click for a given search term is essential for knowing whether there are buyers behind the term or not. If the average google adwords user is bidding $15.68 a click for a year, it’s evident they’re making a profit on that term or else they wouldn’t keep running it. Maybe they’re asleep at the wheel…but probably not. They are making good profit. These are the proven profitable keywords and/or terms that you’ll want to optimize your site and campaign for.

Why is this Adwords Stuff Important for me to Know??

We help you take advantage of this by getting your site to an equivalent position in search results to the expensive adwords ads. Since you’ll be appearing in natural search results, your clicks are FREE. Scientific studies confirm you’ll appear to have more perceived “niche authority” because you are showing up in the middle or at the top of page one. It’s been statistically proven people trust what shows up higher in natural search results, versus something they know someone just paid for to show up. And with rising click prices, more folks are abandoning adwords “pay-per-click” model and going elsewhere.

Organic search engine optimization or SEO is a great way to get your site showing up in all the right places in front of all the right people and at the right time without having to pay for clicks or other forms of paid advertising.

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